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bosch supplier manual

In the spirit of the founder, these values are at the core of every company decision and every action. For mutual success — today and in future. Responsibility and sustainability Further information Purchasing Terms and Conditions Further information Logistics Regulations and Standards Further information Quality Regulations and Standards Further information Additional information Further information Contact us Further information Load more Foundation of our cooperation: Responsibility and sustainability For Bosch, the values responsibility and sustainability have always been intertwined. Ethically correct and resource conserving business conduct is the basis for a responsible business relationship. Responsibility Code of Business Conduct Code of Conduct for Business Partners Supplier Diversity Form USA (for Minority owned Suppliers) Sustainability Conflict Raw Materials Policy Principles of work safety and environmental protection Sustainability report Basic principles of social responsibility at Bosch Report a compliance case Bosch Compliance Hotline Purchasing Terms and Conditions The contractual basis for the cooperation between Bosch and partners in selected regions is listed below. Additional country-specific regulations are possible. The supplier guidelines for Logistics help to improve the supplier relationships. Logistics Supplier Manual Download document Previous version 4.0: Download document Global Transport Label (GTL) Requirements of Bosch for the implementation of the Global Transport Label (GTL) according to VDA recommendation 4994. Download document Logistics Failure Catalogue Download document Regional regulations Following amendments of the supply chain manual logistics apply.

US packaging instructions US routing instructions Marking of supplied parts: MAT-Label MAT-Label Standardized labeling of parts from suppliers with MAT-Label Specification of MAT-Label for Automotive Electronics (AE) Appendices to above documents for particular kinds of products: Assembly Electronics Raw Wafer Processed Wafer EDI Portal In addition to the SupplyOn platform, Bosch also uses Classic EDI for data transfer. Are you interested in successful partnerships. Via our Corporate Innovation Gateway you can apply with your innovation proposal and become a supplier or cooperation partner. Your patented products, processes and materials of different technology categories are very welcome. Supplier Trainings Supplier Trainings Bosch offers valuable seminar programs for suppliers in several languages. Our web based trainings (WBT) have been developed by our experts and are offered free of charge via the SupplyOn platform. As a supplier you can profit from having a variety of seminars to choose from. Corporate Social Responsibility WBT Complete list of WBT Supplier Finance Program Supplier Finance Program To improve working capital and cash flow, Bosch suppliers can participate at the Supplier Finance Program with our partner bank. Learn more SupplyOn Weitere Headline SupplyOn SupplyOn is the platform used by Bosch for an efficient and digital connection to our partners. Supplier information portal Weitere Headline Potential new suppliers Bosch monitors the market and approaches potential partners actively. However, particularly competitive products and services can be reported via an email to the Bosch Service Center with a clear reference to the respective material field. Contact Please add a clear reference to the respective material field E-mail form Material Fields List Explore more Supply Chain Read more Purchasing of the future Read more Logistics secures success Read more Still looking for something.

Classic EDI is designed to support direct communication between Enterprise Resource Planning (abbr.: ERP) systems with no media break, i.e. the information is exchanged between the supplier and customer side information processing systems with no additional manual recording. When using classic EDI, the consistency of the system (ensuring correct and complete data transfer) must be guaranteed for the entire planning, production, and shipping process by the SUPPLIER. Information is exchanged between the SUPPLIER and BOSCH via the SupplyOn Internet platform (available at ). When using WebEDI, the SupplyOn server processes the EDI data transmitted by BOSCH as web forms and provides them to the SUPPLIER along with message forms for data recording. To operate the system, the SUPPLIER requires a computer with Internet access. The SUPPLIER can use SupplyOn to create the shipping documents. Information on labeling of the products from the call-off is to be transferred to the shipping documents. Integrated EDI Integrating EDI into ERP system Integrated EDI involves integrating EDI into your ERP system. You’ll need a B2B Gateway software solution, which will manage the relationships with your trading partners and exchange the EDI standard files with your trading partners using an agreed-upon method of exchange. With Fax to EDI the service will translate actual paper documents into EDI messages and will send them to your trading partner. Today we speak about Web EDI solution. Web EDI is the most basic level of implementation and could be a good first choice for light users or people just getting started. The Shipping Schedule Transaction Set (862) shall not be used to authorize labor, materials, or other resources. Logistics Requirements of Bosch Group. Release 3.0Contents. Preamble.5Page 5: Preamble Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. Preamble. Competition in national and international markets has become significantly tougher in recent years. Page 6: 1.

2 Information Interchange Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Communication between SUPPLIER and BOSCH is the basis of a successful. Page 7: Procurement Control Concepts Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0For the interchange of ordering data BOSCH uses the following industry. Page 8: EDI Transactions Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. The procurement control concepts KANBAN, DCM and VMI,are supported by a web based Inventory. The use of stock movement transactions (in particular for consignment arrangements) and self-billingSUPPLIER receives yearly volumes as non-binding forecast. Based on this, SUPPLIER. Page 11: Order Processing Using the VMI Process Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Packaging is specified between BOSCH and SUPPLIER. Page 14 Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. REGION Requirements FOR DELIVERIES FROM OTHER REGIONS TO.Other applicable documents:D. South Africa Corrugated board to DIN 55468. E. Australia Plastic, Cardboard, Trays (Polystyrene). Page 18: 2.2.2 Management of Returnable Balances Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Unless otherwise agreed the SUPPLIER. Page 19: 2.2.4 Storage, Repair and Replacement Procurement Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Quantity discrepancies shall be eliminated by SUPPLIER with the. Page 20: 2.2.4 Cleaning Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Page 21: Carriers Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Within the framework of the production system (BPS) implemented by Bosch. Page 22: 3.2 Delivery specifications Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Premium freight is usually organized by SUPPLIER. SUPPLIER shall agree with. Page 23: Labeling Methods Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. Available label pockets must be used. Tags must be attached to returnable packaging by. Page 24: 3.4 Shipping Advice (with GSP processing) Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.

0Page 25: Delivery Note Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Usage identification (optional). BOSCH part number, incl.Alternatively the. Page 28: 4.2 Logistics complaints Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0The aim of Supplier. Page 29 Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. Logistics complaints are recorded and evaluated according to the category of failure (see attachment. Page 30: 5. Outlook Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0BOSCH is continuously striving to improve its incoming and outgoing logistics processes. Page 31: 6. Abbreviations Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Milkrun transportation concept with predetermined routes and regular transport intervals. ODETTE Organization for Data. Page 33: 7. Attachments Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0Attachment 1 Supplier Result Assessment (LEB): Criteria of the logistics result (LR). Page 34 Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. Attachment 1: Supplier Result Assessment (LEB): Logistics Result (LR)The. Page 35 Bosch Supplier Logistics Manual, Release. 3.0. Quantity differencess (MD). Terms and Conditions of Purchase (PDF) Acceptance or payment of goods and services from the supplier (hereinafter referred to as Products) does not constitute agreement even if the acceptance or payment is made with knowledge of conflicting or supplementary terms and conditions of contract of the supplier. Punctual compliance with the delivery periods and delivery dates is determined by the date of receipt of the goods by us. Unless delivery “free at factory gate (frei Werk)” is agreed (DAP or DDP Incoterms 2010), the supplier shall make the goods available in good time, taking account of the time for loading and shipment to be agreed with the forwarder. 3.2 If the supplier is responsible for set-up or installation, the supplier shall bear all the necessary expenses such as travel expenses, provision of tools and daily allowances. 3.

3 The provisions of statute shall apply if agreed dates are not met. If the supplier anticipates difficulties with respect to production, the supply of precursor material, compliance with the delivery period or similar circumstances that could interfere with supplier’s ability to deliver punctually or to deliver the agreed quality, the supplier must immediately notify our ordering department. 3.4 The unconditional acceptance of a delayed delivery or service does not constitute a waiver of claims to which we are entitled due to the delayed delivery or service; this applies pending full payment of the amounts owed by us for the delivery or service in question. 3.5 Partial deliveries are inadmissible in principle unless we expressly agreed to them or can reasonably be expected to accept them. 3.6 The values established by us during the incoming goods inspection shall determine the quantities, weights and measurements subject to the reservation of different values being proved. 3.7 Unless otherwise stipulated in the supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Software we shall together with delivery receive simple rights of use, unrestricted in terms of time and territory, to use software belonging to the scope of delivery. The permissible use also encompasses the transmission of the software as part of a hardware product for customers and the granting of usage rights hereto, insofar as this is necessary for the use of the hardware. 3.9 We also have the right to use provided software, including the software documentation, with the agreed performance characteristics and to the extent necessary for the use of the product in accordance with the agreement. We also have the right to make a reasonable number of backup copies. 3.

10 The supplementary Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Software of Robert Bosch GmbH, as well as the supplementary Terms and Conditions for Products related to Open Source Software apply to software (can be viewed in the download area of Purchasing and Logistics at ). 4. Force Majeure 4.1 Acts of God, operational disturbances without fault, unrest, governmen-tal measures and other unavoidable events discharge us from our obligation to take punctual delivery for the duration of such event. Value added tax (VAT) is not included. The supplier bears all risks of loss or of damage to the goods until the goods are received by us or by our representative at the location to which the goods are to be delivered in accordance with the contract. 7. Payment Terms Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice shall be paid within 30 days, with effect from the due date of payment and receipt of both the invoice and the goods or performance of the service. Payment is subject to invoice verification. 8. Notification of Defects 8.1 An examination of the goods is conducted by us at incoming goods only to establish whether there is any obvious damage, in particular transport damage and discrepancies in terms of the identity or quantity of the delivery, except as otherwise agreed with the supplier in a Quality Assurance Agreement. 8.2 We will give notice of any defects found without undue delay after their discovery. 8.3 To this extent the supplier waives the objection to delayed notification of defects. 9. Claims Based on Defects 9.1 The provisions of statute relating to defects as to quality and defects of title apply except insofar as not otherwise provided hereinbelow. 9.2 We have the right to select the type of supplementary performance. Place of the performance shall be the intended location of the product. This is the place where the product is located at the time of the claim based on defects.

The supplier may refuse the type of supplementary performance we selected if it is only possible at disproportionate expense. 9.3 In the event that the supplier does not commence rectifying the defect after our request to remedy it, in urgent cases, after a reasonably short period of time for remedy, especially to ward off acute danger or to prevent greater damage, we are entitled to undertake such rectification our-selves or to have it undertaken by a third party at the expense of the supplier. 9.4 The supplier shall also hold us harmless from any claims by third parties based on the violation of third-party rights by the product, unless the supplier can prove that itis not accountable for the violation. Additionally, the supplier shall, upon request, immediately provide us with the in-formation and documents on his services required for the defense against such third-party claims. 9.5 The limitation period for indemnity claims is 3 years. The limitation period for indemnity claims begins at the end of the year in which the claim arose and we became aware of the circumstances justifying the claim and of the debtor’s person or should have become aware of them without gross negligence. Any longer statutory limitation periods shall take precedence. Otherwise the limitation period for claims based on defects shall be 36 month. The limitation period commences when the Product is delivered (passing of risk) or, in case acceptance by us is required in the contract, when acceptance has occurred. Any longer statutory limitation periods shall take precedence. 9.7 For claims based on defects of title, the provisions of 9.5 (limitation period for indemnity claims) shall apply accordingly. Any longer statutory limitation periods shall take precedence. 9.

8 If the supplier performs its obligation to effect supplementary performance by supplying a substitute product, the statute of limitations of the goods delivered in substitution shall start to run anew after delivery thereof unless, when effecting the supplementary performance, the sup-plier explicitly and appropriately made the reservation that the substitute delivery was effected purely as good will, to avoid disputes or in the interests of continuation of the delivery relationship. 9.9 In the context of supplementary performance, the supplier shall bear the costs for transport, travel, labor, installation, dismantling and material. If, as a result of a defective product, we incur costs and expenses in connection with the repair or replacement of the Product, which we were entitled to reasonably make, in particular costs and expenses for sorting, for an incoming goods inspection exceeding the regular scope, for an examination and analysis of the defect, as well as costs for the involvement of external or internal employees, the supplier shall bear these costs unless he is not responsible for the defect. In cases of liability based on fault, this only applies, however, if the sup-plier is at fault. Insofar as the cause of the damage falls within the area of responsibility of the supplier, the supplier must prove that it is not at fault. 10.2 In the cases of paragraph 10.1 above, the supplier assumes all costs and expenses, including the costs of any legal action, except the costs are in total not necessary and adequate. 10.3 Otherwise, the statutory provisions shall apply. 10.4 Prior to any recall action which is partially or wholly due to a defect in a Product supplied by the supplier, we shall notify the supplier, give the supplier the opportunity to collaborate and discuss with the supplier the efficient conduct of the recall action, unless no notification of or collaboration by the supplier is possible on account of the particular urgency.

The costs of the recall action shall be borne by the supplier insofar as a recall action is due to a defect in a Product supplied by the supplier, except it is not accountable for the defect.The supplier’s person in charge is obliged to check with the coordinator before carrying out the work in order to set up suitable safety precautions and to inform us and affected third parties about mutual threats. Suppliers are responsible for the instruction and safety of their employees and subcontractors as well as for securing hazards against third parties. The supplier may only use suitable and sufficiently qualified employees and safe working equipment within the plant’s premises. Any accidents occurring on the plant’s premises must be reported to us immediately. 13. Provisions of Materials Materials, parts, containers and special packaging supplied to us against payment or free of charge remain our property (“Provisions”), if payment is owed, until full payment has been made. These may only be used as designated. The Provisions are processed and assembled for us. It is agreed that we are co-owner of the products manufactured with our materials and parts in proportion to the value of the Provisions in relation to the value of the whole product; such products shall be kept safe for us by the supplier to this extent. We reserve the right to joint ownership of the products manufactured using our Provisions pending settlement in full of the claims accruing through the Provisions. The supplier has the right to on-sell the products manufactured using our Provisions in the normal course of business subject to reservation of title. The supplier assigns to us in full now already all of the claims and ancillary rights accruing to the supplier from such sale. The assigned claims serve as security for the claims accruing to us through the Provision. The supplier has the right to collect the assigned claims.

We may revoke the supplier’s rights pursuant to this paragraph 13 if the supplier fails to duly perform its obligations to us, is in default of payment, stops making its payments, or if the supplier applies for the opening of insolvency proceedings or of similar debt settlement proceedings with respect to its assets. We may also revoke the rights of the supplier under this paragraph 13 if the financial circumstances of the supplier should deteriorate fundamentally or threat-en to do so or if the supplier meets the criteria for insolvency or over-indebtedness. If the value of the security existing for us should exceed the value of our claims by more than 10 % on aggregate, we shall release security at our discretion to this extent on request by the supplier. 14. Documentation and Confidentiality 14.1 The supplier shall keep confidential with respect to third parties all business and technical information made available by us (including features which may be derived from objects, documents or software provided and any other knowledge or experience) as long and to the extent that it is not proven public knowledge, and it may only be made available to those persons in the supplier’s business facility who necessarily need to be involved in the use thereof for the purpose of delivery to us and who are also committed to confidentiality; the information remains our exclusive property. At our request, all information originating from us (if appropriate also including any copies or records made) and loaned items must be, without undue delay, returned to us in full or destroyed. We reserve all rights to such information (including copyright and the right to file for industrial property rights such as patents, utility models, semiconductor protection, etc.). In the event this is provided to us by third parties, the reservation of rights also applies for the benefit of such third parties. 14.

2 Products manufactured on the basis of documentation drafted by us such as drawings, models and the like, or based on our confidential information, or manufactured with our tools or with tools modeled on our tools, may neither be used by the supplier itself nor offered or supplied to third parties. This also applies analogously to our print orders. 15. Export Control and Customs 15.1 The supplier shall be obliged to inform us about any applicable (re-) export licence requirements or restrictions for the Products under Ger-man, European or US export control law and customs regulations as well as the export control law and customs regulations of the country of origin of the Products in its business documents and to send the following in-formation on Products subject to licence requirements to. The supplier is obliged to provide appropriate evidence, e.g. through authorizations or declarations, e.g. security declarations, declarations within the scope of C-TPAT or similar programs. We or a third party instructed by us are entitled to examine the supplier’s evidence at the supplier’s premises, in accordance to this paragraph. 15.3 The supplier is obliged to inform us in a binding manner about the commercial origin or the respective required preferential origin. Therefore, it shall issue a long-term supplier’s declaration for deliveries of goods within the European Union in accordance with the relevant valid EU implementing regulation within a period of 21 days after our demand. The commercial origin shall be indicated on the respective commercial invoice and if required, a certificate of origin shall be issued. In case of initial consignment, the original data must be communicated in writing at the latest at the time of the first delivery. Changes of the origin of goods must be immediately notified to us in writing. 15.

4 For delivery of goods across customs borders, the supplier is obliged to enclose all required documents to the delivery, such as commercial invoice, delivery note and information for a complete and correct import customs declaration. Regarding the invoice, the following shall be considered: Additionally, costs not included in the goods price (e.g. research and development costs, licence fees, tooling costs, provisions of the buyer with reference to the delivery of goods) shall be listed separately in the invoice. On request, the supplier shall evidence compliance with the foregoing guarantee. In the event of a breach of the foregoing guarantee, the supplier shall hold us harmless from all third party claims and is obliged to reimburse any fines imposed on us in this connection. 16.4 The supplier shall comply with the respective statutory provisions governing the treatment of employees, environmental protection and health and safety at work and to work on reducing the adverse effects of its activities on human beings and the environment. In this respect the supplier shall set up and further develop a management system in accordance with ISO 14001 within the realms of its possibilities. If the suspicion proves to be justified, the supplier must inform us within a reasonable period of time of the measures that it has taken internally within its organization in order to prevent violations in future. If the supplier fails to comply with these obligations within a reasonable period of time, we re-serve the right to withdraw from contracts with the supplier or to terminate them with immediate effect. 16.6 In the event of severe violations of the law by the supplier and in the event of violations of the provisions of paragraphs 16.1 to 16.4, we re-serve the right to withdraw from the existing contracts or to terminate them without notice. 17.

Place of Performance Unless otherwise agreed, the place of performance is the place to which the goods are to be delivered in accordance with the contract or where the service is to be rendered. 18. Miscellaneous 18.1 If one of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and of additional agreements reached should be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the Terms and Conditions in other respects. The parties hereto are obliged to agree upon a provision to replace the ineffective provision that approximates as closely as possible the economic intent of the ineffective provision. 18.2 The contractual relationships shall be governed exclusively by German law excluding the conflict of law provisions and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). 18.3 The venue for all legal disputes arising either directly or indirectly out of contractual relationships based on these Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall be Stuttgart. The Local Court of Stuttgart (Amtsgericht Stuttgart, 70190 Stuttgart) has jurisdiction and venue over cases brought before the Legal Court. We further have the right to take legal action against the supplier at a court with jurisdiction over the registered office or branch office of the supplier or at the court with jurisdiction over the place of performance at our discretion. Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom North America Canada Mexico USA South America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Peru Venezuela Africa South Africa Contact myRexroth Basket Select your location Location International Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herze.Regional suppliers are choosen to implement local-for-local concepts.

Thus, we strengthen our position in the procurement market on a long-term basis and exploit potentials for cost savings and efficiency. The following material fields are bundled globally: Machined parts Casting, sintered parts Hydraulic Component groups Job shop Foundry materials Electronics, electro-mechanic, electro-technics Non-ferrous castings, stamped-drawn-bent parts, plastic parts, rubber parts Assemblies, solenoids Forge, steel, non-ferrous metals Alu profile Hand mold casting incl. You apply processes and procedures in your company which could be of interest to us. We are curious! Robert Bosch was an inventor who put his heart and soul in it. On behalf of the founder of our enterprise we would like to offer you a platform for discussion. Just like Robert Bosch would have done it. From inventor to inventor. Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea Malaysia Mexico Middle East Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom USA Venezuela Vietnam Contact myRexroth Basket More information can be found on our global website. It is especially developed for mobile applications and wearables where size and low power consumption are critical requirements. The BME680 guarantees - depending on the specific operating mode - optimized consumption, long-term stability and high EMC robustness. In order to measure air quality for personal wellbeing the gas sensor within the BME680 can detect a broad range of gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOC). When you leave home, sensor-activated intrusion detection gives you peace of mind during the day. Our sensing solutions enable many smart home applications, enhancing your well-being. Used: Like NewExtra materials like CDs or access codes may be missing.